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From "Gerhard Poul" <>
Subject Re: Introduction and Question
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 17:24:20 GMT


Please have a look at and see if
that's of any use to you. I think you should be able to use any of the
apache portal frameworks with geronimo if you switch to tomcat if they're
not working with the built-in jetty servlet engine.


"Lawrence Tilly" <>
wrote in message
Hello, all.

As a quick intro I have been supporting IBM WebSphere apps for a large
New England company since v3.5 ( primarily on v5 and v6 now ).  We are
also starting to introduce IBM's WebSphere Portal product.  Those two
are what have brought me here today...

At the WebSphere Technical Exchange in Miami a couple weeks ago I was
introduced to the Geronimo project.  I am trying to set up a
playground area for myself to try out a few things and exercise a
little more freedom in development ( at a lower cost than a full-blown
IBM solution! ).  My preference was to use Geronimo as my application
server and an ASF project as my portal container.  My first choice was
Pluto.  I have Geronimo up and running and am starting to play with
some basic apps there, but it appears from a few hours of research
that Pluto is currently targeted at Tomcat.  I decided to take a look
at Jetspeed2 as another alternative, but it too is very Tomcat-centric
in it's documentation and configuration. I've been checking the mail
list archives for both of those projects as well as some Google time,
but not making any progress ( beyond getting a nagging feeling that I
will need to change to Tomcat ).

I know based on the roadmap for Geronimo that native JSR-168 Portlet
support is an "advanced feature" and not yet there, but both Pluto and
Jetspeed2 Portlet containers appear to only need support for Servlet
2.3 or higher, and Geronimo offers 2.4 ( backward compatable to 2.3 ).

Is anyone currently running a Portal container ( preferable Pluto or
Jetspeed2 ) under Geronimo, or familiar with a good source to
reference in regards to it?



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