I'm working with a University that wants to implement an application on Geronimo that supports 10,000 concurrent users.

There are a number of use cases but here's one that captures the primary issue

Will this scenario work in the absence of clustering:

1. Load balancer in front of many linux servers each running Geronimo

2. Each instance or Geronimo connected to the same database server

3. Application only composed of JSPs, Servlets and Javabeans (no EJBs)

4. Users will be accessing shared data such as registering for a class

In this case, if the following is true:

1. Load balancer handles session stickiness

2. Database server handles transactional access to shared data

3. Users can live without session failover

Will this work?
What are the unforeseen problems?

What are the unforeseen restrictions?

May thanks for any and all feedback.

Michael Malgeri
Mgr Gluecode Client Technical Services
CELLULAR: 310-704-6403