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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: web applications and hosting containers
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 18:46:52 GMT

On Oct 25, 2005, at 8:42 AM, Joe Bohn wrote:

> The default Geronimo configuration includes both the Jetty and Tomcat 
> web containers predeployed and started by default.

I'm hoping we can find a way soon so this is not the case.

> Therefore, it would follow (when dealing with a web application that 
> is not dependent upon any specific web container) that the web app 
> would either:
> 1) upon a single deployment be capable of running in either a single, 
> all, or any combination of containers.  If this is the case then I 
> expect that the container would somehow be specified when starting the 
> application or the application would be started concurrently on all 
> active containers (hence a runtime choice of container).
> 2) require the specification of a container(s) in the deploy command. 
> The web app could then be deployed multiple times (once to each web 
> container).  The individually deployed applications could then be 
> started independently on each container.
> However, it appears that there is no mechanism to reference a specific 
> container from either the deploy command or the start command.
> How is the user supposed to interpret this?   What behavior should the 
> user expect when deploying and starting web applications that have no 
> need for a container specific plan and hence include no geronimo 
> deployment plan?  To which container(s) are they deployed?   Is the 
> choice of the container a deployment decision (deploy command) or a 
> run-time decision (start/stop command)?

There are 2 factors that can affect the web container a web app gets 
deployed to:

1. namespace of the deployment plan.  There are 3 choices:
a. jetty specific  
A plan with this namespace will only get deployed to jetty.
b. tomcat specific A plan with this 
namespace will only get deployed to tomcat
c. generic  A plan with 
this namespace might get deployed to jetty or tomcat:

2. default namespace attribute in WebModuleBuilder.  This should be set 
to (a) or (b) above.  Web apps with no plan or web apps with the (c) 
namespace will get deployed to jetty or tomcat depending on the value 
of this attribute.

I am against including a command line option to select the web 
container.  I think that running both containers is a temporary 
expedient that with luck will disappear by 1.0, and corrupting the 
deployment architecture to accomodate it is unnecessary and unwise.

david jencks

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