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From Scott Anderson <>
Subject Re: Custom login module
Date Thu, 06 Oct 2005 03:25:04 GMT
On 10/5/05, Ivan S. Dubrov <> wrote:
> Hello,
> >My hack was a little cleaner. I was adding the jar containing my
> >custom login modules as a dependancy to first j2ee-server-plan.xml but
> >since the j2ee-security-plan.xml was established I have had to move
> >the dependancy for my security jar up to the parent configuration of
> >both the server and security plans; naming-server-plan.xml.
> I've tried to redeploy these plans, but no luck. Did you redeployed them or built server
from sources with modified plans?
> Anyway, I think this is bug, since I've done things exactly (I think so) as they described

I was following the same script and also could not get it to work as
advertised. As far as I know to deploy updated geronimo plans you do
need the geronimo source. I have found that you are required to
re-build the assembly module to get any changes to the plans in the
modules/assembly/src/plan directory deployed.

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