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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: The state of Geronimo
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 23:44:59 GMT
On 10/19/05, <> wrote:
> Lets have some discussion, maybe I'm totally missing
> somethings.
> Currently I see all/most the applications I've looked
> at as J2EE apps. This is the goal of Geronimo, but
> they largly bypass the low-level purposes of Geronimo
> by just sticking to J2EE and JSP. Though the GBeans
> thing is cool. The goals are the same, but
> accomplished in different ways.

The reason the apps you see today running on Geronimo are J2EE apps of
some type is because that was one of the first goals of Geronimo -
J2EE 1.4 certification. In time, people will understand that they can
construct their own application server by assembling different pieces
of software using the Geronimo kernel and GBean architecture and only
then will we see the true power of Geronimo begin to emerge.

J2EE is simply one goal for Geronimo, it is certainly not *the* goal
(after all, J2EE compliance is simply a set of configuration files).
Another goal includes the result of the kernel and GBean architecture
- the ability to easily plug in just about any piece of software to
run in the Geronimo space. Still another goal (and a very important
one) was to accomplish all of this work under the Apache License. I
could go on and on, but I highly suggest reading through at least the
wiki ( to understand Geronimo from
your own perspective.

> So why not use JBoss or some other server that
> supports JSP and J2EE apps (even thought they may
> require slight tweaks if they aren't fully J2EE
> compliant). I'm sure they have much better support and
> the built-in features (especially low level security
> ones) are available? Why use Geronimo? It's all the
> same until enough demo apps come built into the
> distribution, demoing why someone should use Geronimo
> instead of something else. It's the same stuff from my
> viewpoint.

JBoss uses the LGPL and this license is incompatible with the Apache
License (

Why use Geronimo? I think I'll let the rest of the community tackle
this one ;-). What I will say is that the last two years of work has
focused on J2EE 1.4 certification. Now that that goal has been
accomplished, we can all begin to direct our focus on items that will
distinguish Geronimo from the rest of the pack. The best is yet to

One of the the most powerful features of Geronimo is the ability to
assemble your own components to build your own application server. We
call these custom assemblies. For example, if you're not developing
EJBs, then don't run the EJB container. Geronimo's EJB container is
not part of the core of the application server so it can be commented
out or removed from the configuration. If you're only interested in
running Tomcat and ActiveMQ, then run that. If you need an Enterprise
Service Bus via a JBI container, then run ServiceMix, etc. The
possibilities are endless.

> I guess I'm railing on the fact that I'm not getting
> anything to work, and if I were using anything else I
> wouldn't be having these problems. I'm getting good
> pointers that move me forward, but holes still exist.

In all fairness, I think the community needs to see some error
messages and better descriptions of the issues you're encountering in
order to provide any assistance. Constructive, informed feedback
always works better than saying something akin to 'it doesn't work'.

> Now, if we configured PHP and Geronimo, what is the
> use of Geronimo? Why not just use Apache? There would
> be no bonus in using either one, except Geronimo is
> Java and can be deployed anywhere.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by configuring PHP and Geronimo. The
reason i don't know is because there is neither a technical
description nor a use case to convey your ideas. We're willing to
entertain any ideas, but we need to understand them first.

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