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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Deploying exploded WAR's
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 07:04:08 GMT

On Oct 23, 2005, at 11:32 PM, Barry van Someren wrote:

> David,
> My experience with persistance in webapps has been with using  
> databases.
> I recently ran into a JSP based Wiki that uses flat files (most likely
> in the working directory) to persist data.
> Now I remember that back at my old company we used Tomcat for a
> project and it would let you add files to the working directory that
> would persist between runs.
> When you used JBoss, it wouldn't (and I reasoned that it's fair from a
> security point of view)
> So I'm kind of asking how Geronimo handles this and what is the best
> way of persisting if you insist on flat files.

Well, I would avoid having your application save anything in its own  
unpacked directory at all costs: this is just asking for trouble, for  
instance, when you deploy the next upgrade :-).

I recommend creating a subdirectory under var (e.g. var/myAppData).   
Unfortunately AFAIK finding this at runtime is a bit involved.

private static final ObjectName SERVER_INFO =  

Kernel kernel = KernelRegistry.getSingleKernel();
File dir = (FIle)kernel.invoke(SERVER_INFO, "resolve", new Object[]  
{"var/myAppData"}, new String[] {String.class.getName()});

There might be an easier way to get this but I don't know what it is.

It would be nice to provide a better way :-)  Perhaps we could write a  
URLHandler that would resolve for us?  serverinfo://var/myAppData  Any  
other ideas?

david jencks

> Greetings,
> Barry
> On 10/24/05, David Jencks <> wrote:
>> On Oct 23, 2005, at 1:16 PM, Barry van Someren wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>> The deploy instructions show how to deploy WAR's only deals with
>>> packed WAR's.
>>> Can you also deploy exploded WAR's in Geronimo (just like you can do
>>> with Tomcat)?
>> I think so.  Note that any war or ear with a war inside will get
>> unpacked into the config-store.  I think if you modify jsps or static
>> content there the changes will get picked up.
>> We've had a plan for a while to make it possible to deploy a war so
>> that jsps and static content are picked up from the original source
>> location rather than a deployed copy.  This would let you work on your
>> jsps in your IDE in the location your SCM system knows about yet see
>> the changes immediately.  I'm not sure if anyone has had the time to
>> expose this functionality yet.  I would think this would be more  
>> useful
>> than an "unpacked war" deploy feature.
>>> And what about creating flat files? (writing in the deployed/work
>>> directory)
>> Could you explain what you have in mind here in more detail?
>>> I'm trying out some open source projects to see how well they work
>>> under Geronimo (to add to the samples matrix)
>> Great!
>>> I'm only learning here, sorry ;-)
>> Well, hopefully I'm learning here too :-)
>> thanks
>> david jencks
>>> Greets,
>>> Barry

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