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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Daytrader / Geronimo M5
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 04:43:27 GMT
I'm probably sounding like a broken record by now, but I would use 
geronimo head for working on daytrader.  IIUC it actually now works for 
regular humans, not just Matt :-)  In any case the maven build works so 
you won't need other downloads.

For M5 really the only functional examples are the trivial welcome app 
and the somewhat complex console, both of which are predeployed on 

david jencks

On Oct 19, 2005, at 8:45 PM, Carla Cremers wrote:

> I am working with geronimo-1.0-M5/solaris 9/1.4.2_06 and trying to get 
> the various applications to work.
> DayTrader : in the README, it says :
>   The code in this directory contains the code for the benchmark 
> sample called
>   DayTrader.  This sample was contributed by IBM to the Apache Geronimo
>   project under the ASF license to further functional and performance
>   testing of Geronimo.
>   The work in this directory is a work in progress and the maven 
> scripts do
>   not currently build a functional ear.  To allow users to evaluate 
> and work
>   with the be nchmark sample the files necessary to get the benchmark 
> working
>   are included.  They are:
>   dayTrader.ear
>   dayTrader-plan.xml
> dayTrader-plan.xml is there, but not dayTrader.ear.  Can I download it 
> from
>   someplace ?   I tried downloading geronimoM4, but it's not in there.
> Thanks !

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