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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Logo Contest Voting is On
Date Mon, 10 Oct 2005 11:09:25 GMT

The submissions are in and the final contestants are listed on the Logo Wiki at .

A few notes about the process and where we are.

Voting will continue through Monday, October 17th at 00:01 PT.  This means 
please vote by next Sunday.  The results will be tabulated Monday morning and 
the results sent to the PMC and the user and dev lists will be copied.

Also, all images are available for voting.  That said, note that the PRC has 
indicated that a headdress is not appropriate and as such voting for these 
images has a low likelyhood of being approved.  I believe everyone is aware of 
the sensitivity of branding Native American images and the attention being paid 
to that issue by colleges and professional sports teams.  Regardless of your 
position on that issue we can't ignore the fact that no matter what this is a 
contentious issue.  The ASF is about creating cool technology in Open Source and 
not about poilitical rangling.  As such, given the PRC's authority in branding 
granted by the board one should respectfully consider their position on this 
issue when casting your vote.

In addition, to provide a sense of guidance (albeit not binding) on interpreting 
the images in light of the PRC guidelines the images have been grouped.  The 
first group on the page are images that appear to be in accordance with PRC 
guidelines.  The second group appear at the end of the page and include images 
6, 7, 10, 11 and 17.  These images either include a headdress (which the PRC has 
disallowed or the image of a rider on a horse.  Regardless of your personal 
interpretation I expect someone somewhere will find that these images are 
potentially offensive as they include the possible interpretation of a Native 
American "on the war path."  You may not agree with the grouping and if not 
please feel free to vote for these images.

Finally, the ultimate decision on the Logo is the responsibility of the PMC. 
The PMC will balance the community feedback and the PRC guidelines to select the 
most appropriate image.

This issue can be devisive (heck, it IS devisive).  When it is all said and done 
   the ultimate measure of Geronimo will not be its logo but it will be the 
quality of the project's code and its adoption rate.  I appeal to all to bear 
this fact in mind and let's make Geronimo the best alternative out there.  At 
the end of the day that's what we're working for.

Vote away and may the best Logo Win !!!!!

- Matt

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