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From <>
Subject sorry for spamming the list -- retrieving the datasource
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 11:19:16 GMT
OK, I can verify users against the database using the
SQLLoginModule. I've created a servlet (my first one
ever!) that takes in the user information and stores
it into the same table of the database, and adds an
entry to the groups table, too. They can then go to
the login page, login and they even verify! Cool! Just
what I wanted!

OK, so David Jencks told me about using:
> DataSource ds = (DataSource)kernel.invoke(mcfName,
> "$getResource");

to get the datasource, essentially get the database
 - Now how would I get a handle to the kernel from the
   - Is it statically defined somewhere?
 - What is mcfName supposed to be, and what is
$getResource supposed to be?

This is my current status. I'd like to make my
application better by doing as David Jencks has
suggested, if at all possible.


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