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From <>
Subject The state of Geronimo
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 22:23:28 GMT
Lets have some discussion, maybe I'm totally missing

Currently I see all/most the applications I've looked
at as J2EE apps. This is the goal of Geronimo, but
they largly bypass the low-level purposes of Geronimo
by just sticking to J2EE and JSP. Though the GBeans
thing is cool. The goals are the same, but
accomplished in different ways.

So why not use JBoss or some other server that
supports JSP and J2EE apps (even thought they may
require slight tweaks if they aren't fully J2EE
compliant). I'm sure they have much better support and
the built-in features (especially low level security
ones) are available? Why use Geronimo? It's all the
same until enough demo apps come built into the
distribution, demoing why someone should use Geronimo
instead of something else. It's the same stuff from my

I guess I'm railing on the fact that I'm not getting
anything to work, and if I were using anything else I
wouldn't be having these problems. I'm getting good
pointers that move me forward, but holes still exist.

Now, if we configured PHP and Geronimo, what is the
use of Geronimo? Why not just use Apache? There would
be no bonus in using either one, except Geronimo is
Java and can be deployed anywhere.

I'd like to hear people's thoughts.


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