Hi Paul,
Thanks for doing all that! Now if only it had identified your problem... Are you running on M4 or have you built from HEAD? Do you see anything in the log?

I don't have any suggestions at the moment for gathering additional information, but will look into it...


On 9/23/05, paul.newport@targetgroup.net <paul.newport@targetgroup.net > wrote:

Just an update on this:

1) some test code where a servlet tries to load the initial context works
2) some test code where a servlet calls an EJB which tries to load the initial context works
3) My application EAR still has the original problem
4) I cannot provide the EAR I'm afraid (too big to send, company rules etc).

Has anyone any suggestions for adding any logging code to see what is going on ? In particular I am mightily confused how a class in a particular package can be running (and therefore that class and package must surely be in the classpath) cannot load a resource at the same level in the package hierarchy as the class running.

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