Hi Hossam,
Geronimo does not permit javax.* classes (as well as other api classes and container implementation classes) to be loaded from a web module's context. This behavior is specified by the Servlet specification (section 9.7.2). So, I'm afraid you cannot override the SAAJ version from your context.


On 9/19/05, HR AEBCG <hr.aebcg@gmail.com> wrote:
- The war file is ok, because I deployed it on JBoss
- The MessageFactory is used by JAX-RPC to compose a SOAP reply of a webservice, I am using JAX-WS the latest EA release of JAX-RPC
- The web application is deployed as standalone WAR file.
Thanks for help

On 9/20/05, Aaron Mulder < ammulder@alumni.princeton.edu> wrote:
This seems strange -- I would have expected the
context-priority-classloader setting to make it use the JARs in
WEB-INF/lib instead of the JARs in the parent classpath.  Are you sure
there's nothing wrong with those JARs?  (Like, if you doo a "jar -tf
foo.jar" does the output look normal?)  Is it a web component that's
using MessageFactory or an EJB or what?  Is the WAR deployed
standalone or as part of an EAR?


On 9/19/05, Hossam Karim < hr.aebcg@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
>   I am using the following configuration:
>   geronimo-1.0-M4, Java 1.5.0_04, Windows 2003 Server Enterprise
>   My problem:
>     I am trying to deploy a WAR with the following deployment plan
> (geronimo-web.xml):
>     =======================================
>     <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
>     <web-app xmlns="http://geronimo.apache.org/xml/ns/web"
> configId="emee/emee-message">
>       <context-root>/emee-message</context-root>
>       <context-priority-classloader>true</context-priority-classloader>
>     </web-app>
>     =======================================
>     WEB-INF/lib contains saaj-api.jar and saaj-impl.jar, these are version
> 1.3 NOT 1.2 of SAAJ API,
>     and I need to load these implementation not the one that comes with
> Geronimo, beacuse I need to call
>     public static javax.xml.soap.MessageFactory
> newInstance(java.lang.String string) method.
>     NoSuchMethodException is thrown when it is called, which means Geronimo
> is using SAAJ not the one I
>     provided.
>     Is there a way I can instruct Geronimo to load the my library? it works
> with JBOSS!!