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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Looking for a JCAAdminObject rather than a datasource
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 13:47:42 GMT wrote:
> Why is it lookign for a JCAAAdmin Object ? the jndi name jdbc/BROKER, 
> should be pointing to a datasource. Is it becasue I have not linked my 
> JNDI reference to the phyiscal dataseouce, which is this:


> org.apache.geronimo.naming.deployment.ENCConfigBuilder.addResourceEnvRefs(

The indication here is that your deployment descriptor has a 
<resouce-env-ref> element rather than a <resource-ref>

A <resource-env-ref> is used for declaring references to things within a 
resource using logical names; for example, with JMS a <resource-ref> 
would be used to locate the broker to use, a <resource-env-ref> to map a 
queue or topic provided by that broker. When we try to resolve that 
during deployment we look for the admin objects that represent these things.

If you replace the <resource-env-ref> with a <resouce-ref> (you'll need 
to add some sub-elements for authentication type etc.) then we will look 
for connection factories rather than admin objects and it should map 


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