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From lin sun <>
Subject Re: org.omg.CosNaming.NamingCntextPackage.NotFound
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2005 02:39:48 GMT
Thanks again for the quick response and it is very helpful!   Hope I can get it working
any day soon!:-)

So I decided to redesign my test scenario based on your recommendations:
1) Find a J2EE client and EJB sample that would work in geronimo environment.   Luckily,
I was able to get the MagicGball ear file deployed and the MagicGball-client running in
the J2EE client container.   I'd like to use this sample and modify it so that the J2EE
client can communicate to EJBs via IIOP.
2) Customize the EJBs and make them available through Corba
3) Customize the client so that it can use the EJB through Corba

I followed your guildance below on No. 2 and No. 3 but I could not get much further.  
Could you please help?  

> To make ejbs available through Corba  (as servers), you need to:
> 1. include a tss-link for each ejb in the openejb-plan to a tss bean 
> that is configured somewhere, such as the j2ee-server-corba-plan.xml
> 2. start the j2ee-server-corba-plan.  The easiest way to do this is to 
> include and "include" element in your openejb plan:
> <include>
>      <uri>org/apache/geronimo/ServerCORBA</uri>
> </include>

I created the openejb-jar.xml file myself, since MagicGball didn't have one.   
I could not find much example on <tss-link> I assume I can put a tss bean name
"SSLClientCert" that is specified in the j2ee-server-corba-plan.xml.   Not sure if this
is correct, all I know is that the deployer didn't complain:-) 
I put the <include>..</include> before the <enterprise-beans> but when I
tried to deploy
the ear file, the deployer complained that it expected a <enterprise-beans> tag instead.

      Can I just set the parentID to "org/apache/geronimo/ServerCORBA" to reach the same
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <openejb-jar xmlns=""




> To use an ejb from a j2ee application (such as a j2ee app client, web 
> app, or ejb) you need to include in the geronimo/openejb plan ejb-ref 
> information like this:

I read Aaron's book on J2EE client application, and I didn't see anywhere mentions
openejb-jar.xml, so I assume you mean geronimo-client.xml here?

> 1. where the naming server is and the name
> 2. a css-link to supply the security info for csiv2 negotiation with 
> the server.  A typical element might look like this:
>             <ejb-ref>
>                  <ref-name>ejb/Control</ref-name>
>                  <ns-corbaloc>corbaloc::<target name service host>:<name

> service port>/NameService</ns-corbaloc>
>                  <name>targetEjbName</name>
>                  <css-link>SSLClientCert</css-link>
>              </ejb-ref>
> (fill in the correct values for the host and port)

I tried to modify the geronimo application client xml file provided by MagicGball as
follows, but the deployer complained the ns-corbaloc, name, css-link elements were not
allowed when I deployed the ear file.
<application-client xmlns=""

    <display-name>Magic G Ball</display-name>

Deployer error:
E:\geronimo-1.0-SNAPSHOT\geronimo-1.0-SNAPSHOT>java -jar bin\deployer.jar --user
 system --password manager deploy \build\geronimo\applications\magicGball\target
    Error: Unable to distribute magicGball.ear: Unable to parse
    application-client.xml caused by Invalid deployment descriptor:
    [error: cvc-complex-type.2.4b: Element not allowed:
    ns-corbaloc@ in element
    ejb-ref@, error:
    cvc-complex-type.2.4b: Element not allowed:
    name@ in element
    ejb-ref@, error:
    cvc-complex-type.2.4b: Element not allowed:
    css-link@ in element

> If your j2ee component is running in a server (it is a web app or ejb), 
> you should include the ServerCORBA configuration as a parent, just like 
> for a server ejb.  If your j2ee component is an app client, which runs 
> in a different jvm, you should include the ClientCORBA configuration.  
> Unfortunately the clientCORBA configuration is still incomplete: you 
> need some security gbeans.

I think I need to change the ask(String question) method in use
Corba.   I am a bit lost here on what parm would ic.lookup() take?   Since I could have
define them via the ns-corbaloc tag.

        //linsun: look up MagicGBallHome in the naming context
        InitialContext ic = new InitialContext();
        Object mgbObj = ic.lookup("corbaname::localhost:1050/NameService");   

        //linsun: perform a safe downcast
        MagicGBallHome home =

        //from the original sample
        MagicGBall mGball = home.create();
        String answer = mGball.ask(question);  

> Finally, to use a ejb from a non-j2ee application through CORBA you 
> need to set up most of the infrastructure that the gbeans set up for 
> you: at least the Orb, the dynamic stub classloader, and some CSS 
> implementation.  This last part is something no one has tried yet as 
> far as I know.
> On the other hand, if you can find someone elses example of a 
> standalone non-j2ee client that accesses ejbs using csiv2 security over 
> CORBA you should be able to communicate with those ejbs deployed in 
> geronimo.  However, I've never seen such an example.

Gave up this approach--don't want to run into too much surprises!:-)



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