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From lin sun <>
Subject Re: org.omg.CosNaming.NamingCntextPackage.NotFound
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2005 03:03:12 GMT
--- David Jencks <> wrote:

> Not exactly.  AFAIK no one has used an ejb in geronimo from a non-j2ee  
> client through CORBA.  We have, in the tck work, used ejbs in geronimo  
> (and the sun ri) from a j2ee app client using CORBA.  I thought it  
> would be simpler to start with something that is known to work with  
> correct configuration, then work on the non-j2ee client which might  
> have additional problems.

Are you suggesting both J2EE-Corba client and EJB running in the same geronimo server and
they communicate each other via IIOP?   I had thought that would not be using IIOP
initially...  Or you are suggesting 2 geronimo servers on two machines, one has the
J2EE-Corba client running, the other one has the EJB running?   I would prefer the later
> I'm not sure whether it is possible to run with no security configured.  
>   We have a "unsecured" configuration but it has always been run with  
> the security gbeans present so I'm not sure if they are required.

I actually want to use IIOP via SSL... I mentioned setup without it because you said you
are too busy to write some docs on how to setup it.

> Well, we don't really need any server side code generation but the  
> client side would be done with a cglib proxy.

Good to know that thanks! 

> This is all good, but IIUC not sufficient.

This might be too obvious for others, but what does IIUC mean?

> I believe you need an orb running on the client.  In the geronimo app  
> client, this comes from these two gbeans:
>      <gbean name="DyanmicStubClassLoader"  
> class="org.openejb.corba.util.DynamicStubClassLoader"/>
>      <gbean name="Server" class="org.openejb.corba.CORBABean">
>          <reference name="ThreadPool">
>              <module>org/apache/geronimo/Client</module>
>              <name>DefaultThreadPool</name>
>          </reference>
>          <reference name="SecurityService">
>              <module>*</module>
>              <name>SecurityService</name>
>          </reference>
>          <attribute name="args">-ORBPort, 9683, -ORBInitRef,  
> NameService=corbaloc::localhost:2809/NameService</attribute>
>          <attribute name="props">
>              com.sun.CORBA.ORBServerHost=localhost
>          </attribute>
>      </gbean>
> The first one sets up the cglib stuff for dynamic stubs, the second is  
> the orb itself.  In addition you need some CSSBean set up so the csiv2  
> negotiations can proceed, even if they say "no security" at each end.   
> An example would be:
>     <gbean name="NoSecurity" class="org.openejb.corba.CSSBean">
>          <reference name="ThreadPool">
>              <module>org/apache/geronimo/Client</module>
>              <name>DefaultThreadPool</name>
>          </reference>
>          <reference name="TransactionContextManager">
>              <module>org/apache/geronimo/Client</module>
>              <name>TransactionContextManager</name>
>          </reference>
>          <attribute  
> name="configAdapter">org.openejb.corba.sunorb.SunORBConfigAdapter</ 
> attribute>
>          <attribute name="description">NoSecurity</attribute>
>          <attribute name="cssArgs"></attribute>
>          <xml-attribute name="cssConfig">
>              <css:css  
> xmlns:css="">
>                  <css:compoundSecMechTypeList>
>                      <css:compoundSecMech>
>                          <css:SSL>
>                              <css:supports>Integrity Confidentiality  
> EstablishTrustInTarget EstablishTrustInClient</css:supports>
>                              <css:requires></css:requires>
>                          </css:SSL>
>                      </css:compoundSecMech>
>                  </css:compoundSecMechTypeList>
>              </css:css>
>          </xml-attribute>
>      </gbean>
> I suspect that if you remove the security service reference from the  
> corbabean you will be able to get corba to work on an app client with  
> no security.  You will need to deploy your ejbs with a tss-link to the  
> corresponding no-security server side tss bean.
> Now, the gbean framework is not doing all that much for you here, and  
> it would not be very much code to create the orb, create and register  
> the classloader, and set up the css bean.  Basically you just need to  
> call the gbean constructors and their doStart methods.  It is probably  
> easier to just create the orb in your  own code rather than starting  
> the CORBABean itself, since you may not want to have a thread pool for  
> the sole purpose of starting an orb :-)  I'm not sure what you will  
> need to add to your classpath: certainly openejb-core and  
> geronimo-spec-corba-2.3-rc4.jar, but I don't know what else.

I am lost here.   I thought I only need to create a J2EE-Corba application and deploy it
to geronimo client container.   My understanding is the GBean would be generated by the
deployer automatically.   Also, I noticed the Gbean configuration you mentioned to me are
from doc\plan\j2EE-corba-client-plan.xml.  Maybe I could leverage this corba client
provided by Geronimo just to get end to end flow running?

> Hope this helps and please ask if you run into more problems.

Very helpful and thanks again!  Lin
> thanks
> david jencks

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