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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: unknown or ambigous connectionFactory
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 22:17:23 GMT
Hmmm...  Try this:

java -jar bin/deployer.jar start org/apache/geronimo/DebugConsole

Then point your browser to http://localhost:8080/debug-tool/

Search that page for MysqlDataSource, and please copy the whole line for 
every line that has that into a response to this e-mail.  You don't have 
to click any of the links, I just want to see what's deployed and if 
there's an obvious reason you're getting that message.  Note that there 
might be more than one line with MysqlDataSource in it, and please include 
them all.


On Thu, 18 Aug 2005, I?igo wrote:
> If I run list-modules I see my data source module listed. I have tried 
> changing the parentId with the pool configId but I still get the same 
> message. And the same happens whith the jdbc in the lookup. By the way, 
> although the ref-link is just MysqlDataSource, the lookup must be 
> java:comp/env/jdbc/MysqlDataSource?
> Aaron Mulder escribió:
> >	What do you see if you run:
> >
> >java -jar bin/deployer.jar list-modules --started
> >
> >	In particular, do you see the your data source module listed?  If 
> >not, you may need to run:
> >
> >java -jar bin/deployer.jar start your-module-configId
> >
> >	(you can also run the list-modules command without --started to 
> >see everything in the server whether started or not)
> >
> >	You might also set the parentId in your geronimo-web.xml to be the 
> >configId of the data source module, which will force it to always load the 
> >data source before loading your web app.
> >
> >	Also, in your code, your lookup should use 
> >java:comp/env/jdbc/MysqlDataSource  (in your e-mail below you left out the
> >jdbc/ part though you had it in the deployment descriptors)
> >
> >Aaron
> >
> >  
> >

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