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From Dave Colasurdo <>
Subject Re: Geronimo disk footprint growth at startup
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 14:49:49 GMT

Bruce Snyder wrote:

> The size of the recovery log can be scaled down through it's
> configuration in the doc/plan/j2ee-server-plan.xml. The following
> steps outline the process of changing the Geronimo configuration:
> 1) Stop the server 
> 2) Edit the j2ee-server-plan.xml to experiment with the HOWL configuration 
> 3) Distribute the changed plan: 
>     bin/ --user system --password manager distribute
> doc/plan/j2ee-server-plan.xml
> 4) Start the server 
> Please experiment with this and report your findings. But also
> remember that by default Geronimo is running a full J2EE
> configuration. Smaller devices will most likely not be running the
> full J2EE stack, but rather some smaller subset.
> Bruce 

Hmmm.. The only entries in j2ee-server-plan.xml that seems relevant is 
the HOWLTransactionLog gbean and it specifies the file 
var/txlog/howl*.log.   Changing/distributing the changed properties 
associated with this gBean either have no effect on the 
var/activemq/journal/log*.dat or cause the server startup to fail...

However, in the plan system-activemq-plan.xml.. I found the following 
gbean for the journal that seems to define the journal directory though 
have found no properties to control the size of the log-000*.dat file.

<gbean name="ActiveMQ.journal" 
         <!--TODO change to ServerInfo -->
         <attribute name="directory">var/activemq/journal</attribute>
         <attribute name="journalType">default</attribute>


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