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From Iñigo <>
Subject Re: javax.naming.NameNotFound exception
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 13:15:49 GMT
Thanks for the answer. I have decided to package the 2 modules in an ear 
file, as deploying them separately is much more difficult than what I 
thought. Now, after creating the ear, when trying to deploy the ear file 
I get this trace:

C:\geronimo-1.0-M4>java -jar bin\deployer.jar --user system --password 
manager deploy ../EjemploEJB/build/META-INF/dist/aplicacion.ear
    Error: Unable to distribute aplicacion.ear: Invalid moduleFile:
    dist/ejemploServletEJB.war caused by Jar entry does not exist:

but ejemploServletEJB.war exists and is in that directory so I don't 
know how to continue. The application.xml I have is this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

    <display-name>Servlet comunicando con EJB de Sesión</display-name>



And the deployment plan geronimo-application.xml is this:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<application xmlns=""

David Jencks escribió:

> The simplest solution is to package your 2 modules in an ear file.  
> Otherwise you will have to include a geronimo-web.xml with an ejb-ref 
> that indicates that the ejb is in your ejb module.  We only try to 
> auto-resolve ejb references within the current application.
> If you wish to continue with separate modules I think something like 
> this is necessary:
> <ejb-ref>
>   <ref-name>prueba/MyTestSessionBean</ref-name>
>   <module> EjemploEJB</module>
>   <name> MyTestSession<name>
> </ejb-ref>
> I wrote this from memory so there may be numerous mistakes.
> Also, you need to look up "java:comp/env/prueba/MyTestSessionBean" and 
> you should remove the jndi-name element: it is used only for lookup in 
> standalone clients and in corba.
> Hope this helps
> david jencks

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