I know this is the wrong place for this, but it seems the logical place, as either

a) Maven is used to compile Geronimo

b) OpenEJB is a component of Geronimo

c) Developers from apache and OpenEJB may be reading this list

d) All of the above


I have been battling to figure out my development strategy for a new app I am developing. Previously I have been fortunate enough to use WSAD, but this project must be run on an open source application server, and since I believe this to better the better of the bunch, I have chosen Geronimo as the application server.


I am trying the WTP from eclipse, but that is not complete and only performs the basics, i.e does not auto generate the openejb-jar.xml file, but does the ejb-jar.xml through xdoclets. So I thought I would try the maven approach, as this is a technology I am learning as I am in the process of porting a large number of ant files for another project. I have figured out the process for generating all the necessary wars, jars and ears, but not found a way to generate the openejb-jar file, other than using ant, but since I cannot find any documentation of how to use the ant version I thought I would ask around to see if anybody has done anything similair.


Thanks in advance


Nicholas Irving