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Subject Re: Anybody know how to auto generate an openejb-jar.xml file with Maven?
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 13:34:03 GMT

<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">Hi Nicholas,</font>
<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">You may want to read
which is for a Geronimo XDoclet 1.2.2 module. &nbsp;Note that this plug-in
is not complete (see link for details), is subject to change and may not
even be accepted as part of the Geronimo project.</font>
<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">There are instructions on the XDoclet
site for invoking XDoclet from Maven ( I haven't tried it yet myself)...</font>
<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">Regards,</font>
<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">John</font>
<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif"><br>
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<br><font size=2><tt>Jacek Laskowski &lt;;
on 19/07/2005 04:52:45 PM:<br>
&gt; Nicholas Irving wrote:<br>
&gt; <br>
&gt; &gt; I am confused.<br>
&gt; &gt;
&gt; &gt; about some release of an maven task openejb:release. Perhaps
I am getting<br>
&gt; &gt; confused with that and some other thing @<br>
&gt; &gt;<br>
&gt; &gt; JBSubTask.html which is the ANT task I have found. Then there
is this<br>
&gt; &gt; <br>
&gt; &gt;<br>
&gt; &gt;<br>
&gt; &gt; <br>
&gt; &gt; and then to add more confusion to the matter<br>
&gt; &gt; has a jar<br>
&gt; &gt; xdoclet-openejb-module-1.2.2-SNAPSHOT.jar<br>
&gt; <br>
&gt; Awesome! I didn't remember about the plugin, but the nice thing about
&gt; open source is that if you don't have a solution you do it yourself
or <br>
&gt; look around for possible solutions. It seems you're very lucky - you've
&gt; found what you was looking for!<br>
&gt; <br>
&gt; I'd be glad to hear your achievements with the plugin. I'd even created
&gt; a new page in OpenEJB Wiki - <br>
&gt; - where you
&gt; could describe what the plugin is and it is not. Some use cases would
be <br>
&gt; of help, too.<br>
&gt; <br>
&gt; Reply-set to mailing list.<br>
&gt; <br>
&gt; &gt;Nicholas Irving<br>
&gt; <br>
&gt; Jacek<br>

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