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From Piotr Przybylski <>
Subject JNDI initialization and browsing question.
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 01:26:59 GMT
I have a question about JNDI maybe someone can help me with. Does JNDI 
require any special initialization and is there a way to browse it, other 
than using JNDI API? I am  running into JNDI lookup problem on M3 driver. 
I am using a simple resource adapter RAR file (v 1.5 compliant). When I 
deploy it to the server, it deploys fine. The application (with JSP) also 
deploys fine but when I try to lookup the connection from the jsp 
triggered class, the JNDI context seems empty, the lookup of the following 
does not find anything:
- java:comp/env/test/j2c/po/dii/order/Order_CF
- test/j2c/po/dii/order/Order_CF
- g2MyTestAdapterCF

The global context seems to contain only JMXConnector Object. 

Below are the relevant fragmnets of the configuration files used to deploy 
connector and application. 

Thank you, any help greatly appreciated.


Piotr Przybylski. 





          <no-transaction /> 
            <match-one /> 

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