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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: access a BLOB coloumn from a CMP EJB
Date Sun, 31 Jul 2005 19:33:57 GMT
Jeremy Boynes wrote:
> Stefan Schmidt wrote:
>> Gianny, Jeremy,
>> I got it! Apparently, the problem was on my site. I actually loaded 
>> the Blobs (images) directly via the PhpMyAdmin Gui (there is a file 
>> upload function) and then tried to access these blob fields via the 
>> EJB. To dig into my problem I tried the 
>> org.openejb.test.entity.cmp2.StorageTests on MySQL and this worked. So 
>> I ended up updating my blob fields via the EJB (loading the files via 
>> the EJB rather than PhpMyAdmin ) and  now it works! Seems like the 
>> PhpMyAdmin does something with the blob that Java doesn't like...
> I think its the other way around - I am guessing that PhpMyAdmin is 
> inserting the bytes directly but when you use the EJB it is Serializing 
> the array and writing the serialized data stream.
> When the EJB tries to read the bytes inserted by PhpMyAdmin it gets the 
> raw data rather than the bytes for ObjectInputStream and is raising an 
> error.
> I think this is a bug as we should be able to support the raw data 
> format correctly - we need to play nice with other applications.

I updated the OpenEJB itest to check that the data stored in the column 
was what was being passed to the accessor i.e. that is it not bing 
Serialized. I added a new binding to TranQL (1.1-SNAPSHOT) to make this 
test work so I think you will now be able to mix access between your 
admin tool and the EJB.

This will require an update to use OpenEJB HEAD (2.0-SNAPSHOT) and 


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