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From Stanley Bradbury <>
Subject Using the Derby Network Server for ad-hoc access to Derby application databases
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 17:29:03 GMT
Hi -

I've been working on a paper that demonstrates the use of an Apache 
Derby database with the iBATIS JPetStore 4.0 applicaiton  deployed using 
Geronimo.  Things are working well but I would like to have ad-hoc query 
access via the Derby Network Server (NS) to the database while JPetStore 
is running.  I have been unsuccessful connecting to the database using 
the NS booted by Geronimo to support the SystemDatabase.  I am guessing 
this is because the server started in a classloader that is isolated 
from the classloader of the datasource used by the JPetStore.  It still 
did not work (I think the datasource became non-fiunctional) when I 
changed the parentId of the JPetStore datasource to 
org.apache.geronimo.SystemDatabase (I'm using 
org/apache/geronimo/Server).  I am using the tranql-connector-1.0-M3.rar 
in the deployment.

The errror I am getting is the message that the 'database has been 
booted by another instance of Derby'.  This should not happen if Network 
Server and the datasource are loaded in the same classloader and JVM (an 
embedded Server architecure).

I also have a couple of suggestions how to make the Network Server 
implementation a little more flexible.  Should I post those to 
issues/suggestions to the developer list or is there a better vehicle?

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