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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: build failure
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2005 20:54:42 GMT
The Problem is solved!!!   Thank you all.

After I sent my last append I looked with task manager and noticed a 
rouge java.exe and javaw.exe.   Assuming these were Geronimo from an 
earlier failed build I blew them away and then ran the build again but 
without the "no test" options.  The build said it failed but it looked 
like it was only because of the tests ... so I ran one final build with 
no test to ensure that everything fundamental build itself worked and it 
was successful.

Jacek ... it's water under the bridge now, but I did answer your 
questions below just in case you were curious.   Thanks for your help!

Jacek Laskowski wrote:

> Joe Bohn wrote:
>> Now it looks like I'm having problems with OpenEJB and ActiveMQ:   
>> I'm getting this:
>>     Attempting to download activemq-ra-3.1-SNAPSHOT.rar.
>>     Error retrieving artifact from
>>     [
>>     emq-ra-3.1-SNAPSHOT.rar]: Connection
>>     timed out: conne
>>     ct
> This is because your connection to iBiblio timed out. It doesn't apply 
> to Geronimo in any way other than that without it it's impossible to 
> build Geronimo. So, open the browser of your choice and visit the 
> site. If it works, run maven again. Make sure you don't use any proxy 
> server as Maven would be required to be configured with it, too.

I could get to the site and it did work on a subsequent attempt ... it 
must have been some network fluke.  I don't use a proxy server.

>> I also get the same message for  "openejb-core-2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar" and  
>> "openejb-builder-2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar."
> See above.
>> So looking thru earlier appends about failed builds and openEJB.    
>> When I ran  "maven m:co"  it says it was successful but the messages 
>> don't give me a warm fuzzy
>>     m:checkout:
>>         [cvs] cvs checkout: warning: failed to open /home/bohn/.cvspass
>>     for reading:
>>      No such file or directory
>>         [cvs] cvs checkout: warning: failed to open /home/bohn/.cvspass
>>     for reading:
>>      No such file or directory
>>         [cvs] cvs checkout: warning: failed to open /home/bohn/.cvspass
>>     for reading:
>>      No such file or directory
> It looks as if the cvs error msgs don't make the build fail. Do you 
> use cygwin? Can you run cvs in the command line. I may be mistaken, 
> but I've  read that the cvspass file needs to be created the first 
> time CVS is executed. See a cvs manual.
I do use cygwin and cvs does work directly from the command line.   I 
checked and I don't have a  .cvspass file created.  It looks like this 
is a password file but I don't recall setting up an id/password when 
installing CVS.  Perhaps I'm connecting as a guest so long as I just 
check-out and don't check in code?

>> I then ran "maven m:rebuild-all" as Aaron recommended
> Well, I don't see why it could help having seen the above cvs errors? 
> How did you get the sources then?

I was running on desperation and hoping that the cvs messages were a red 
herring and the build really was successful.  :-)  I think I must have 
retrieved the source on a previous failed built that for some reason 
didn't encounter the same error. 

>> and I received this failure:
>>     File...... C:\cygwin\home\bohn\geronimo\maven.xml
>>     Element... ant:delete
>>     Line...... 132
>>     Column.... 52
>>     Unable to delete file
>>     C:\cygwin\home\bohn\geronimo\modules\assembly\target\geron
>>     imo-1.0-SNAPSHOT\bin\server.jar
>> I'm not sure why it can't delete the server jar ... it isn't 
>> protected.  Is it possible that I have some daemon or service version 
>> of Geronimo already running?   How would I terminate it?  Any other 
>> ideas?
> The file is probably locked by a running instance of Geronimo. Use 
> task manager to kill all of the running java processes.

As I mentioned above I did find these rouge processes and killed them 
resolving this problem.

> Jacek

Joe Bohn 
"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose."   -- Jim Elliot

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