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Subject Re: What am I doing wrong? EJB Deployment Errors
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2005 00:04:03 GMT
Okay, it seems that there are two trains of thought on how to generate an EJB
jar file. The spec says this (Page 557 of EJB 2.1 Final Release)

"The EJB specification does not specify whether an ejb-jar file should include
by copy or by reference the classes that are in an ejb-client JAR file, but
they must be included either one way or the other. If the by-copy approach is
used, the producer simply includes all the class files in the ejb-client JAR
file also in the ejb-jar file. If the by-reference approach is used, the
ejb-jar file producer does not duplicate the content of the ejb-client JAR file
in the ejb-jar file, but instead uses a Manifest Class-Path entry in the
ejb-jar file to specify that the ejb-jar file depends on the ejb-client JAR at
runtime. The use of the Class-Path entries in the JAR files is explained in the
Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition specification"

It appears that Eclipse WTP (this generated the EJB Jar for me) is using the
by-reference approach and Geronimo is reliant on the by-copy approach. So who
is right? Either way it seems that both are correct, so surely Geronimo needs
to be able to support both methods? 

Perhaps I will raise this with Eclipse WTP, as I believe this should be an
option there to generate code correct for the platform you are building
against, or perhaps the option is there and I am misunderstanding. There
appears to be a number of problems with their tutorials that has lead to this
problem arising.

Should I sending these problems to the developler list in future?

Quoting Jacek Laskowski <>:

> David Jencks wrote:
> > you need to include all the interfaces for the bean in the ejb jar, not 
> > just the optional ejb client jar.  We actually ignore the client jar if 
> > you specify it.
> By the way, how should we treat the information? Should it influence the 
> bean's classpath? I see I'll have to read about it in the EJB spec.
> > david jencks
> Jacek

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