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From Scott Anderson <>
Subject Re: RSS Syndication and Aggregation
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 17:54:09 GMT

This health reporting system you describe seems to be a worthwhile  
project and should shed some light on how this syndication service  
could be structured and integrated with. I am thinking of leveraging  
Geronimo's support for JMX to generate the content for these feeds.  
Let me know if you know of a more appropriate mechanism to do this  
type of system introspection.

I can see some simple workflow functionality being gradually  
introduced into a system like this. Say the JMX health state or  
statistics indicated some action was required. In this case the feed  
content could include a link into the relevant part of the JMX  
console UI where some suggested actions can be presented for user  

Also, since images can be presented in the contents of RSS/Atom feeds  
there is an opportunity to present the state of the server and its  
services using charts and graphs!


On Jun 7, 2005, at 12:26 AM, Dain Sundstrom wrote:

> I have been thinking about this for a little bit now, and I'm  
> really excited.  What I'm thinking is we use RSS to syndicate  
> server health information.  For example, we could have a simple  
> feed with an article for each application loaded into the server,  
> and the content of the article is health information about the  
> application.  This way and admin just needs to check his RSS  
> browser every morning to see what is up.
> Even better... we could make the system easily accessible to users,  
> so they could write a custom feed that contains information health  
> specific about their application.  I think this will lead to a lot  
> of innovation, and be an easy way for new users to familiarize them  
> selves with the internal workings of Geronimo.
> I'm excited so as you said "great, why don't you get started on  
> that".  Is there anything I can do to help you get started?  Also  
> I'm normally on irc all day so if you want realtime help just  
> connect to #geronimo on the
> -dain
> On Jun 6, 2005, at 10:59 PM, Scott Anderson wrote:
>> You could look at this as an application service that would enable  
>> blogging and podcasting applications.
>> Alternately, you could look at it more abstractly as a generic  
>> subscription and notification system...a lightweight JMS type  
>> thing.  For example, RSS/Atom could be used to enable someone to  
>> subscribe to a category of a product catalog, where notifications  
>> would get sent out if there were any additions to, removals from,  
>> or updates of products in that category. This service could also  
>> be used in workflow design patterns for routing events. The  
>> notifications don't have to be human readable.  The feeds could  
>> contain any sort of XML meta data that gets consumed by another  
>> service or application. Feed subscriptions will eventually be  
>> customizable using rules and preferences for filtering, combining,  
>> and republishing feeds...enabling new kinds of aggregation solutions.
>> You asked how Geronimo could possibly take advantage of this as a  
>> system service. I suppose that developers or system administrators  
>> might want to subscribe to certain system events that typically  
>> get logged and have them presented and delivered in a nicely  
>> formatted RSS/Atom feed. I don't really see it appropriate for any  
>> inter-service communication within a Geronimo node at this point.  
>> However, RSS/Atom could be used to implement an aggregation  
>> service framework that runs across many Geronimo nodes or perhaps  
>> to support the management of those nodes.
>> That said, I suspect that RSS/Atom will always be focused on  
>> content applications.  I see podcasting evolving into a multimedia  
>> distribution system leveraging other technologies like BitTorrent  
>> and DRM with a real potential to become the TiVo for the internet.  
>> This system will require complex solutions such as for matching  
>> the right content types and formats with compatible devices. I  
>> spent a couple of years working on a JSR 124 implementation and  
>> see a lot of parallels with how ring tones and MIDlets currently  
>> get provisioned on mobile phones and how the RSS/Atom space is  
>> evolving.
>> Scott
>> On Jun 6, 2005, at 9:26 PM, Dain Sundstrom wrote:
>>> On Jun 5, 2005, at 5:25 PM, Scott Anderson wrote:
>>>> I would be interested in a standard "RSS Syndication/Aggregation  
>>>> Service" getting included with a future Geronimo distribution.  
>>>> In my mind this service would make it easy for developers and  
>>>> content providers to...
>>>> 1) serve up dynamically generated RSS feeds
>>>> 2) subscribe to remote feeds with support for filtering and/or  
>>>> combining feeds and then republishing them (XSLT?)
>>>> 3) manage subscriptions
>>>> 4) provide statistics on feed usage
>>>> I suspect that the Geronimo dev team's response to this request  
>>>> will be something like..."great, why don't you get started on  
>>>> that". Hopefully, others have been thinking along these same  
>>>> lines though. I will be attempting find some time to work on a  
>>>> ROME GBean ( in the short to medium  
>>>> term. I'll be happy to share that code with any interested  
>>>> parties once I have something. No guarantees on when that'll be.
>>>> If anyone has suggestions on how to structure this service, how  
>>>> to integrate with it, or what features you think are important,  
>>>> I'd be happy to hear from you here.
>>> Interesting idea.  I'm not too familiar with rss other then rss  
>>> feeds from blogs and new sites.  What sort of information do you  
>>> see Geronimo serving via RSS?   I mean I'm sure we could serve  
>>> general information like blogs, but I'm curious if we could use  
>>> this for management of some kind or something totally different.
>>> Again cool idea,
>>> -dain

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