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From "Katia Aresti Gonzalez" <>
Subject Re: Location of Database driver
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2005 21:21:53 GMT
<html><div style='background-color:'><DIV class=RTE>
<P>I think that you need a external plan. You need to write a plan for the new service,
and select the proper scope, because you are adding a new service to Geronimo, y new configuration...
This is what i have always do. If you use the default plan, if its possible to do it like
that, you should undeploy and deploy again the xml file (I have done this but with the system-jms-plan,
adding a new resource to the jms server)</P>
<P>hope this helps :-)</P>
<P>Katia<BR><BR></P><BR><BR><BR>&gt;From: waimun
&lt;;<BR>&gt;Reply-To:<BR>&gt;To:<BR>&gt;Subject: Re: Location of Database driver<BR>&gt;Date:
Sat, 11 Jun 2005 16:14:20 -0400 (EDT)<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Hi... Sorry for the
late reply.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;The part that is causing the error is the missing
oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver.<BR>&gt;As you can see below. I do not have a web app plan,
and am not sure what it<BR>&gt;is. If you can point me to any page, then it will
be great. Is a web app plan<BR>&gt;necessary? Let's say I have a .war from a vendor,
and I want to deploy it<BR>&gt;right away, just as it is, do I need to write a plan?<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;My
db plan as follows (I am modifying the default-database-plan):<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;&lt;connector

version="1.5"<BR>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; configId="org/apache/geronimo/DefaultDatabase"<BR>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
void registerDriver() {<BR>&gt;try {<BR>&gt;//Context initCtx = new InitialContext();<BR>&gt;//ds
= (DataSource) initCtx.lookup("java:comp/env/jdbc/LcssDB");<BR>&gt;DriverManager.registerDriver(new
OracleDriver());<BR>&gt;}&nbsp;&nbsp;catch (Exception ex) {<BR>&gt;ex.printStackTrace();<BR>&gt;}<BR>&gt;}<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;I
am not understanding the db plan even though you have told me to<BR>&gt;include
a dependency. I want the webapp just to do plain JDBC; 
just<BR>&gt;getConnection(), that's all.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Thanks,<BR>&gt;--<BR>&gt;waimun<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;On
6/8/05, David Jencks &lt;; wrote:<BR>&gt; &gt;
can you post the db plan, the web app plan, and the code that you use<BR>&gt; &gt;
to get a db connection?<BR>&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt; &gt; thanks<BR>&gt;
&gt; david jencks<BR>&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt; &gt; On Jun 8, 2005,
at 4:00 PM, waimun wrote:<BR>&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt; I
am modifying the default-database-plan by inserting another<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;
dependency for the oracle jar directory. I feel that this might be<BR>&gt; &gt;
&gt; wrong as I only need the jar file to be exposed in the web context. I<BR>&gt;
&gt; &gt; am still getting the NoClassDefFound. How do I do this in the plan<BR>&gt;
&gt; &gt; file?<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;
Thanks,<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt; waimun<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;
&gt; &gt; On Jun 
3, 2005, at 7:11 PM, David Jencks wrote:<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;
&gt; &gt;&gt; I can't find your previous posts.<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;
You need to include a dependency to the driver jar in your plan.&nbsp;&nbsp;For<BR>&gt;
&gt; &gt;&gt; instance, default-database-plan has dependencies on the axion jar
and<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt; 3 other jars it needs.&nbsp;&nbsp;For
oracle you should need only the oracle<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt; driver
jar.&nbsp;&nbsp;If this doesn't fix the problem please post your entire<BR>&gt;
&gt; &gt;&gt; plan.<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;
&gt; &gt;&gt; thanks<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt; david jencks<BR>&gt;
&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt; On Jun 3, 2005, at 2:45 PM, waimun wrote:<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;
&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; Hi...<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;
I am still getting NoClassDefFound. Do I need any other<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;

configuration other than creating the directory structure you have<BR>&gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt;&gt; mentioned.<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;
&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; Thanks.<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;
--<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; waimun<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;
&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; On 6/1/05, Katia Aresti Gonzalez &lt;;
wrote:<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt; &gt;
&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;
&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; Hi!!<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; I think that you have
to copy the driver to the repository<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; directory.
You<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; have to create a folder in
the repository of the M4 instalation<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; folder,
for<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; example oracle. inside that
folder, create another one with the<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; name

jar,<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; and copy the driver there.<BR>&gt;
&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt; repostory/oracle/jars/your driver.<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt;<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; &gt; Hope this helps!!<BR>&gt;
&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;
&gt; Katia<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;
&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt; &gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;
&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR></DIV></div><br
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