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From Tom McQueeney <>
Subject Configuring plan files during assembly bulid step
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 06:11:59 GMT
I'm hoping someone who is less Maven-challenged than I could help with a 
question about configuring the plan files during the assembly build step.

Last month, some of the server plans in the assembly module were changed 
to allow variable substitution at build time. I think this was done 
primarily for the izpack installer, but can we take advantage of these 
variables when building from source by setting them in an external 
properties file?

maven.xml in the assembly module sets the "Plan*" values in the 
"assemble" goal. E.g.

         <j:set var="PlanServerHostname" value="localhost" />
         <j:set var="PlanNamingPort" value="1099" />
         <j:set var="PlanIIOPPort" value="9000" />

I know I can change these Plan values directly in the maven.xml, but is 
there an easy way to override these values with a 
kind of file? I figure one way to get Maven to use the file would be to wrap each of the above jelly j:set 
instructions in an "if" to check whether the var already had a value, 
but is there an easier Maven way of doing things?

Thanks for any pointers.


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