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From waimun <>
Subject Re: Location of Database driver
Date Sat, 11 Jun 2005 22:01:16 GMT
I did that too. I copied the plan definition to a file named oracle-database-plan.xml,
and deploy it using the deploytool. But still unable to get a connection using jdbc.
What do you mean by "select the proper scope"? You mentioned writing a new plan
for the new service: do you refer to the db plan or web app plan. Can you
copy/paste a portion of the web plan that you think would work for this case.

<connector xmlns=""

I hope I can understand your spanish manual that you have published. At least it would have
help me in understanding
more about geronimo. You did so well. I am impressed by the content and its verbosity. (I
only took two spanish classes in college, but it is not enough for me to understand it entirely.)
Is there an english translation or its equivlent?

On 6/11/05, Katia Aresti Gonzalez <> wrote:
> I think that you need a external plan. You need to write a plan for the new
> service, and select the proper scope, because you are adding a new service
> to Geronimo, y new configuration... This is what i have always do. If you
> use the default plan, if its possible to do it like that, you should
> undeploy and deploy again the xml file (I have done this but with the
> system-jms-plan, adding a new resource to the jms server) 
> hope this helps :-) 
> Katia

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