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From "Katia Aresti Gonzalez" <>
Subject Re: Spanish Documentation Avaible
Date Thu, 19 May 2005 17:01:58 GMT
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<P>Hi again!!!</P>
<P>Just want to explain&nbsp;a little bit more. My documentation is about Geronimo,
and the only 2 documentation sources have been Aarons book and the wiki, and apart from that
the IRC. Most things are not a translation, but as you can imagine are very similar because
some things are done in the same way. For example, parts like the history and the theoric
parts&nbsp;are a&nbsp;translation, obviusly, and other things are vert similar, as
well as the book´s order,but his&nbsp;doesnt mean that is a Aaron book copy, because
everything i have learned asking on the irc, and the wiki, and Aarons book has been helpfull
to know how to distribute the chapters as well as to explain other things, just as an avaible
biography used.&nbsp;</P>
<P>My idea is to contribute without taking anything back, just colaborate as an open
source and be helpfull to spanish comunity. I want to say as well, that in my documentation
there is a part where I say who are the people that have helped me as well as the biography.
I just want to make my months job avaible for everybody, and the code examples as well. The
best part&nbsp;I think its the EJBs part, that is really new, because there isnt documentation,&nbsp;in
fact, there is no documentation in english(very very very........&nbsp;few).</P>
<P>Just to finish, say that Aarons book is avaible and free, and in my documentation
i say his name, i havent taken nothing for&nbsp;my pretty face, and just say as well,
that somebody some day will have has to translate&nbsp;Geronimo documentation&nbsp;to
other languages.&nbsp;Alll the documentation has its own source and biography, somebody
has to be the first one wrinting, and the others translate and complete. ¿isnt this the open
source idea? everybody contributes for everybody? </P>
<P>I really hope that Aaron has no problem with this, he also sent me an email asking
for a deployment file of CMP ejbs, and i had no problems sending my deployment descriptor
for him. I just want&nbsp;to help :-), and spanish comunity is veeeeeeeery big and not
everybody can read and understand things easyly in english.</P>
<P>Thank you very much.</P>
<P>Katia<BR><BR></P><BR><BR><BR>&gt;From: "Geir
Magnusson Jr." &lt;;<BR>&gt;Reply-To:<BR>&gt;To:<BR>&gt;CC:<BR>&gt;Subject:
Re: Spanish Documentation Avaible<BR>&gt;Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 04:54:36 -0400<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;On
May 18, 2005, at 12:30 PM, Katia Aresti Gonzalez wrote:<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;Hi
again!!<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;My book is part translation of
Aaron´s Book,and&nbsp;&nbsp;other parts no,&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;for
exameple ejbs part.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;We can't take a translation of Aaron's
book unless he gives&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;permission. Aaron?<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;Im
just waiting to know where can i send the documentation. And the <BR>&gt;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;SoftWare
examples as well but i need a little time more to send&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;them.
How can i give my 
documentation? just sending to your emails? <BR>&gt;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;its
possible to put the documentation at Geronimo web page if you <BR>&gt;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;think
that is usefull? That would be great!<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;Thank
&gt;From: "Geir Magnusson Jr." &lt;;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;Reply-To:<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;To:<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;CC:<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;Subject: Re: Spanish
Documentation Avaible<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 11:00:33 -0400<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;On May 14, 2005,
at 7:21 AM, Katia Aresti Gonzalez wrote:<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;Hello everybody!!!<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;I have finished my spanish documentation about 
Geronimo. I have<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;included the following parts:<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;- Install and building from source<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;- Configuration of Database pool<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;-
Configuration of JMS<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;- Configuration en Deploy of
EJBs, all types JAR<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;- WAR applications<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;- EAR application<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;- Client Applications
JAR<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;The
documentation is about 100 pages, and i have done some code<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;examplesas
well. How coud I send the documentation so its <BR>&gt;&gt;avaible<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;from Geronimo Web page? And somedoy could have a look. Thank <BR>&gt;&gt;you!!<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;You
wrote 100 pages of documentation for Geronimo, in Spanish?<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;That's
great.&nbsp;&nbsp;Now we 
have the strange situation of needing an<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;english translation.<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;The way to contribute...<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;Well, it's big - 100 pages.&nbsp;&nbsp;I
suppose that a software grant is <BR>&gt;&gt;the<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;right
thing to do in this case.&nbsp;&nbsp;I'll figure out if we need that, <BR>&gt;&gt;or<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;if you can just post to the JIRA.<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;Great!<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;geir<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;Katia<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;Descubre la descarga digital segura.
Medio millón de canciones <BR>&gt;&gt;en<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;MSN
Music.<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;--<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;Geir Magnusson 
&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;Descubre
la descarga digital segura. Medio millón de canciones en&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;MSN
Music.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;--<BR>&gt;Geir Magnusson Jr&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;+1-203-665-6437<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR></DIV></div><br
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