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From "Katia Aresti Gonzalez" <>
Subject Re: Spanish Documentation Avaible
Date Fri, 20 May 2005 18:47:53 GMT
<html><div style='background-color:'><DIV class=RTE>
<P><BR>Hi Geir, </P>
<P>Ive been speaking with Aaron to fix the problem. I understand the problem with the
copyrigth, and I think that if the people Aaron works for have problems, then i will modify
some things at my proyect and send just my part :-). Thank you for offering your help, I will
tell you.</P>
<P>Katia<BR></P><BR><BR><BR>&gt;From: Geir Magnusson
Jr &lt;;<BR>&gt;Reply-To:<BR>&gt;To:<BR>&gt;CC:<BR>&gt;Subject:
Re: Spanish Documentation Avaible<BR>&gt;Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 06:59:10 -0400<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;Katia,<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;I
think it's great that you wish to create documentation for the&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;Geronimo
community, and I not only encourage you to do as much as <BR>&gt;you&nbsp;&nbsp;can,
but also will help in any way I can.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;The problem here is
that Aaron's work is a copyrighted work, and you <BR>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;have
to be careful about how you use any of the material.&nbsp;&nbsp;Just&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;because
it's available free of charge doesn't mean that you are free <BR>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;to
do what you wish with it.&nbsp;&nbsp;We couldn't host at the ASF any 
work <BR>&gt;of&nbsp;&nbsp;software or documentation that had any "cloud"
over it.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;I am sure that you'll work with Aaron and figure
this out - again,&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;I'll do anything you need to help.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;geir<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;On
May 19, 2005, at 1:01 PM, Katia Aresti Gonzalez wrote:<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;Hi
again!!!<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;Just want to explain a little
bit more. My documentation is about&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;Geronimo,
and the only 2 documentation sources have been Aarons&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;book
and the wiki, and apart from that the IRC. Most things are not <BR>&gt;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;a
translation, but as you can imagine are very similar because <BR>&gt;&gt;some&nbsp;&nbsp;things
are done in the same way. For example, parts like the&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;history
and the theoric parts are a translation, obviusly, 
and&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;other things are vert similar, as well as
the book´s order,but his&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;doesnt mean that is
a Aaron book copy, because everything i have&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;learned
asking on the irc, and the wiki, and Aarons book has been&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;helpfull
to know how to distribute the chapters as well as to&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;explain
other things, just as an avaible biography used.<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;My
idea is to contribute without taking anything back, just&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;colaborate
as an open source and be helpfull to spanish comunity. I <BR>&gt;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;want
to say as well, that in my documentation there is a part <BR>&gt;&gt;where&nbsp;&nbsp;I
say who are the people that have helped me as well as the&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;biography.
I just want to make my months job avaible for everybody, 
<BR>&gt;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;and the code examples as well. The best part
I think its the EJBs <BR>&gt;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;part, that is really new,
because there isnt documentation, in&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;fact, there
is no documentation in english(very very very........&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;few).<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;Just
to finish, say that Aarons book is avaible and free, and in my <BR>&gt;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;documentation
i say his name, i havent taken nothing for my <BR>&gt;&gt;pretty&nbsp;&nbsp;face,
and just say as well, that somebody some day will <BR>&gt;&gt;have has to&nbsp;&nbsp;translate
Geronimo documentation to other languages. <BR>&gt;&gt;Alll the&nbsp;&nbsp;documentation
has its own source and biography, somebody <BR>&gt;&gt;has to be&nbsp;&nbsp;the
first one wrinting, and the others translate and <BR>&gt;&gt;complete.&nbsp;&nbsp;¿isnt
this the open source idea? everybody 
contributes <BR>&gt;&gt;for everybody?<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;I
really hope that Aaron has no problem with this, he also sent me&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;an
email asking for a deployment file of CMP ejbs, and i had no&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;problems
sending my deployment descriptor for him. I just want to&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;help
:-), and spanish comunity is veeeeeeeery big and not everybody <BR>&gt;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;can
read and understand things easyly in english.<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;Thank
you very much.<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;Katia<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;From: "Geir Magnusson Jr." &lt;;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;Reply-To:<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;To:<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;CC:<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;Subject: Re: Spanish
Documentation Avaible<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;Date: Thu, 19 
May 2005 04:54:36 -0400<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;On May 18, 2005, at 12:30 PM, Katia Aresti Gonzalez wrote:<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;Hi again!!<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;My book is part translation of Aaron´s Book,and&nbsp;&nbsp;other
parts no,<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;for exameple ejbs part.<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;We can't take a translation of Aaron's book unless
he gives<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;permission. Aaron?<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;Im just waiting to know where can i send the documentation. And <BR>&gt;&gt;the<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;SoftWare examples as well but i need a little time more
to <BR>&gt;&gt;send<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;them. How can
i give my documentation? just sending to your <BR>&gt;&gt;emails?<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;its possible to put the documentation at Geronimo web
page if 
<BR>&gt;&gt;you<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;think
that is usefull? That would be great!<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;Thank you<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;Katia<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;From: "Geir Magnusson
Jr." &lt;;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;Reply-To:<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;To:<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;CC:<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;
&gt;Subject: Re: Spanish Documentation Avaible<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;
&gt;Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 11:00:33 -0400<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;On May 14, 2005,
at 7:21 AM, Katia Aresti Gonzalez wrote:<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;Hello everybody!!!<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;

&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;I have finished
my spanish documentation about Geronimo. I <BR>&gt;&gt;have<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;included the following parts:<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;- Install and
building from source<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;- Configuration
of Database pool<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;- Configuration
of JMS<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;- Configuration en Deploy
of EJBs, all types JAR<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;- WAR applications<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;- EAR application<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;- Client Applications JAR<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;The documentation is about 100 pages, and i have done some
<BR>&gt;&gt;code<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;examplesas
well. How coud I send the documentation so its<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;avaible<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;from 
Geronimo Web page? And somedoy could have a look. Thank<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;you!!<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;You wrote 100 pages of documentation for Geronimo, in Spanish?<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;That's great.&nbsp;&nbsp;Now we have the strange situation
of needing an<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;english translation.<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;The way to contribute...<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;Well, it's big
- 100 pages.&nbsp;&nbsp;I suppose that a software grant <BR>&gt;&gt;is<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;the<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;right thing to do in
this case.&nbsp;&nbsp;I'll figure out if we need <BR>&gt;&gt;that,<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;or<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;if
you can just post to the JIRA.<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;Great!<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; 
&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;geir<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;Katia<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;Descubre la descarga digital segura. Medio millón de <BR>&gt;&gt;canciones<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;en<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;MSN Music.<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;--<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;Geir Magnusson Jr<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;+1-203-665-6437<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;Descubre la descarga digital segura. Medio millón de canciones <BR>&gt;&gt;en<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;&gt;MSN Music.<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;--<BR>&gt;&gt;
&gt;Geir Magnusson 
&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt; &gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;<BR>&gt;&gt;Escapadas,
fines de semana, vacaciones, reservas. Organiza y&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR>&gt;&gt;contrata
tus viajes aquí.<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;--<BR>&gt;Geir Magnusson Jr&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;+1-203-665-6437<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR>&gt;<BR></DIV></div><br
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