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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: Website possibilities
Date Sun, 22 May 2005 02:04:55 GMT
I love it!

And I especially love the "Activity" section; this is one of the thing 
that will help to provide a high-level overview of the activities.

I do have a couple of questions about the features of Confluence or 
* Can we export the overall website to an html tarball or even better a PDF?
* Can we add support for search capabilities?
* When the documentation will start to grow, do you think that we will 
be able to "easily" refactor the content? For instance, with Microsoft 
Word (sorry for this poor example), there is an outline mode to 
(re-)structure a doc.
* Can we have an automatic hierarchical overview of the website content? 
I mean, is the left navigation bar automatically generated from the 
content of the website or do we need to maintain it? Here, I am looking 
for something a la document map of Microsoft Word (sorry...)

I had a look to the Confluence Web site and it seems that Confluence 
addresses all of these questions. However, I do not know the level of  
simplification that the platform delivers.

If the new tool box allows for an easier maintenance of the website, 
then we should use it. Based on the fact that you are recommending a 
migration, then it sounds reasonable to make this move.

Thanks David for making an old discussion a reality.


On 21/05/2005 11:10 AM, David Blevins wrote:

>What do people think of having a website like this one?
>Obviously, with a different look, but something with the same dynamic content.
>The main content comes from Confluence.
>The "Activity" section is dynamically created from Jira items.
>The "News" section is from Confluence blog posts.
>The "Recently Updated" section is a confluence macro.
>The whole thing is put together with a modified version of Confluenza.
>With mod_rewrite rules, it's still possible to have static conent.
>Seems to me like a good way to always have our activity show up on the website, but wihtout
having to do anything more than we are already doing.
>Any thoughts?

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