Hi Evgeni!

first of all, what is the command you use to start geronimo?? If you start just with

c:\geronimo\ start java -jar bin/server.jar you start the default configuration and the deployer is in the kernel.

the log files with more information are in: C:\geronimo\var\log

hope this helps!


>From: Evgeni <e_dimitrov@yahoo.com>
>Reply-To: user@geronimo.apache.org
>To: user@geronimo.apache.org
>Subject: missing openejb-jar.xsd
>Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 20:48:21 +1000
>M3 release notes say "[GERONIMO-447] - Schema dir missing
>openejb-jar.xsd". But there is no openejb-jar.xsd in the schema
>Can it be downloaded from somewhere? Should it be in the schema
>I am getting a "No deployer found:" message trying to deploy an EJB.
>Can it be related to the missing openejb-jar.xsd?

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