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From "Katia Aresti Gonzalez" <>
Subject Re: Nightly builds?
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 08:01:28 GMT
<html><div style='background-color:'><DIV class=RTE>
<P>Hi Luis (Hola !! ;-))</P>
<P>Luis, I agree you but ive been working on it, and using the server, and ive been
speaking with the developers on the irc, and they have helped me a lot and&nbsp;you have
to understand and if a group of people are day and night working on getting a test pass because
there is an open source server that already has passed it... they are just working hard on
that goal!!&nbsp;This has been a very big problem for me to make steps in my proyect about
Geronimo... but I understand the situation.&nbsp;Probably around summer will be a lot
of documentation and more news about the status of the proyect.</P>
<DIV></DIV>&gt;From: Luis Damián Sanabria Rodríguez &lt;;
<DIV></DIV>&gt;Reply-To: Luis Damián Sanabria Rodríguez &lt;;
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<DIV></DIV>&gt;Subject: Re: Nightly builds?
<DIV></DIV>&gt;Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 17:12:05 -0600
<DIV></DIV>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I might be only my
idea but there is a difference between do not give
<DIV></DIV>&gt;any information about the status of Geronimo and the J2EE certification
<DIV></DIV>&gt;do not give any information at all.
<DIV></DIV>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I must admit that
I do not know anything about the Sun's TCK, so I would
<DIV></DIV>&gt;like you to explain me how it prevents you from posting an
anouncement in
<DIV></DIV>&gt;the web site telling the users and interested parties: we have
fixed this
<DIV></DIV>&gt;errors, we have added this functionality, we have updated this
<DIV></DIV>&gt;we need help with this feature, etc.
<DIV></DIV>&gt;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I am sure that you
know what I am going to say but I will say it anyway:
<DIV></DIV>&gt;the Open Source projects are about community. You need people
to get
<DIV></DIV>&gt;involved with the development and to use the software and you
won't be able
<DIV></DIV>&gt;to get that people if you don't communicate your progress.
<DIV></DIV>&gt;Luis Damián Sanabria Rodríguez
<DIV></DIV>&gt;San José, Costa Rica
<DIV></DIV>&gt;Teléfono (506) 204 - 4145
<DIV></DIV>&gt;Correo electrónico
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<DIV></DIV>&gt;From: "Bruce Snyder" &lt;;
<DIV></DIV>&gt;To: &lt;;
<DIV></DIV>&gt;Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2005 2:53 AM
<DIV></DIV>&gt;Subject: Re: Nightly builds?
<DIV></DIV>&gt;On 4/19/05, Peter Nabbefeld &lt;;
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; I've seen some discussion on the developers list,
ending one week ago.
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; What has happened to this? Will the nightly builds
come? BTW: If someone
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; only looks at the web site, it seems there wouldn't
be any activity
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; since some months (I know, it only seems so, but
probably You culd place
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; some news there, just to show some activity? People
may just ignore
<DIV></DIV>&gt; &gt; geronimo because they think it's not further developed).
<DIV></DIV>&gt;I got the nightly build script working but getting a clean
build is
<DIV></DIV>&gt;tricky because Geronimo depends on so many things. So this
task is
<DIV></DIV>&gt;still considered a work in progress.
<DIV></DIV>&gt;The majority of the effort is being spent on J2EE 1.4 certification
<DIV></DIV>&gt;right now and has been for a few months. The trouble is that
<DIV></DIV>&gt;bound by the Sun license agreement for the TCK and we can't
talk about
<DIV></DIV>&gt;it *at all*. Once this hurdle is passed, there will be more
<DIV></DIV>&gt;perl -e 'print
<DIV></DIV>&gt;The Castor Project
<DIV></DIV>&gt;Apache Geronimo
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