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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: HTTP Server jetty
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 21:15:53 GMT
David is assuming you are asking about the Apache Java based http 
server (and servlet/jsp engine) Tomcat.  If you really meant the Apache 
HTTPd server, the reason we don't ship with it is HTTPd is written in C 
and must be compiled to each platform where our distributions will run 
on a generic Java VM.


Dain Sundstrom
Chief Architect
Gluecode Software
On Apr 14, 2005, at 8:49 AM, David Jencks wrote:

> The reasons are primarily historical: the main Jetty developers were 
> some of the geronimo founding members and most of us have a lot more 
> experience with Jetty than Tomcat.  There is a Tomcat integration and 
> several people are working on it, however it is not yet completely 
> integrated and functional.  I think the Tomcat work is somewhat 
> sidelined at the moment in our effort to finish j2ee certification.  
> We would certainly welcome help in finishing the Tomcat integration.
> Many thanks,
> david jencks
> On Apr 14, 2005, at 8:31 AM, Yves Caloz wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Somebody surely already put the question, but I did not find an 
>> answer, then I ask it nevertheless: Why is Geronimo default with 
>> Jetty and not HTTP Apache Server integrated ? Is it a licence problem 
>> ?
>> Thanks

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