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From PortletDev <>
Subject deploying minimal web app
Date Sat, 02 Apr 2005 23:22:35 GMT
Jeremy Boynes wrote:

 > The parent/childrelationship between configuration ids defines the
 > parent/child classloader structure.
 > One thing you could do is make all the portlet applications children of
 > the portal application. That way they could see all its classes
 > (including the portlet libraries if the portal declared them as
 > dependencies) but other applications running in the server would be
 > isolated.

My framework employs a many to many relationship between portal 
applications and portlet applications. To me the term "portlet 
application" is a misnomer, an artifact from it being a web application. 
I view them more as portlet suites. Basically, I have a portal that 
contains a set of portal applications and a single registry of portlet 
suites. Each portal application knows how to access the portlet 
registry, which is just another portal application. It looks like my 
concept of a portal, abstract as it is, can be mapped to (or exist as) a 
Geronimo configuration. I am thinking that this way I can register both 
the portal applications and portlet suites as children of the portal, 
add the Pluto jars to the portal configuration, and thus make these 
resources sharable between portal applications and portlet suites.

Where can I find up to date documentation or relevant examples of these 
configurations? Will web applications deployed to Tomcat also be making 
use of this configuration/classloader mechanism?

 > On another tack, what mechanism are you using for portlet deployment and
 > for having portlets register with the portal when they start?

The deployment support I require will be focused on the registering of 
portlet suites (web apps) with the portlet registry (web app). 
Developing on Tomcat, I have been adding a Tomcat specific web 
application context descriptor file to a directory that is mapped to a 
specific server configuration. Tomcat monitors this directory for 
changes and then updates the web container accordingly. My portlet 
registry portal application contains support for registering a 
ServletContextListener on Tomcat's root servlet context. I am thinking 
that it would be nice if there were support for my implementing a 
"PortalConfigurationListener" which would do the right thing when a 
portal application or portlet suite begins or ends its life cycle.


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