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From Scott Anderson <>
Subject deploying minimal web app
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 18:33:11 GMT
David Jencks wrote:

>> In my first attempt I noticed that Jetty was
>> the context name I had specified in
>> META-INF/context.xml and used the name of the war
>> instead.
> We ignore all jetty-specific deployment info.

It turns out that this is a Tomcat specific mechanism
for specifying web app context properties. I had
thought that this had made it into the servlet spec.
However, it would be nice if Jetty shared this

>> Once I figured this out it also appeared that
>> Jetty was ignoring the welcome file specified in
>> WEB-INF/web.xml and showing the contents of the war
>> directory instead.
>This is very surprising to me.  If you can verify
this can you open a  
>jira issue with a test case?

I did some further investigation and discovered that
the welcome file list *is* properly supported if there
is only one welcome file in the list. I encountered
the failure when I was testing with a war generated
from NetBeans default web application template which
initializes this list with three entries...


...but only includes an index.jsp file with the war
that is generated. Let me know if you want me to add
this issue to JIRA. I have my workaround.

> You should look at Gluecode JOE which is
geronimo/jetty + pluto (+ a  
> management console and some other goodies).
> [...]
> I expect integrating pluto with tomcat in geronimo
> be a fairly major project until the tomcat
integration is more
> complete.

I will check out JOE. I eventually want to support
deploying my stuff on both Tomcat and Jetty.

Jeremy Boynes wrote:

> Gluecode integrated and certified Pluto 1.0 with
Geronimo/Jetty around
> the M3 timeframe as part of our JOE 1.0 release. All
the fixes for that
> were contributed back to Pluto so it should work.
You do need to use the
> context based registry (not the one that scans the
webapp directory) -
> sorry the name eludes me right now.

The biggest issues that have been recently biting the
Pluto team have been related to Tomcat's
implementation of cross context support for the portal
driver war and portlet wars. This functionality lets
portlets access shared portlet sessions and contexts.
How would I turn on a web app context's crossContext
behavior in the Geronimo/Jetty or JOE environments? If
I can get this behavior to work and determine what
Jetty directory I need to install Pluto's libraries so
that the contents of the jars can be shared by the
portal driver war and the portlet wars...the
equivalent of Tomcat's shared/lib directory...I think
I will be in good shape for moving forward on Jetty.

> I am very interested in getting 1.1 to work but just
haven't managed to
> get to it - is that the version you were thinking of

I have been working with the Pluto 1.1 code for some
time now. It was not a hard decision for me to bypass
supporting the 1.0.1 implementation.

Thanks for the help!

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