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Subject Provision of derby tools JAR and JDBC network driver JAR
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2005 01:06:41 GMT
If a Java application (not J2EE app) provides a database creation utility 
and expects to be able to use a JDBC network driver to connect to the 
Derby network server embedded in Geronimo, then currently the command line 
application (the database creation utility) needs access (assuming the IBM 
Universal Driver is used) to db2jcc.jar and db2jcc_license_c.jar . 

On the Derby lists I saw that IBM is planning on donating a JDBC network 
driver sometime in March. 

Q1. Would it make sense to place this driver jar and the derbytools jar in 
the  geronimo/repository/incubator-derby/jars directory to accompany the 
other derby jars so we provide all the required jars needed for connecting 
to and administering the Derby database embedded in Geronimo (even though 
the driver or tools won't be loaded by Geronimo)?

Q2. Even if we do provide all the JARs in the repository, users of a 
command line Java application (running on the same machine) would probably 
have to edit their classpath to point to the correct  version of JDBC 
driver that matches the version of Derby embedded in Geronimo.  Any 
suggestions on how this could be automated (determining the version and 
getting the driver JAR)?



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