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From Geir Magnusson Jr. <>
Subject Re: JavaWorld Article and Certification Claims
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 14:04:42 GMT

On Dec 14, 2004, at 2:40 PM, Lajos wrote:

> Hi y'all -
> I'm engaged in a bit of argument on my article for JavaWorld on 
> Geronimo. I said that Geronimo will be (I should have said wants to 
> be) the first open source J2EE 1.4 certified application server. JBoss 
> has complained to JavaWorld, saying that they are already the first. 
> In fact, I don't consider JBoss open source like Geronimo. JBoss being 
> open source is like Solaris 10 being open source - it is two different 
> models. I think the distinction is not only important, it is vital. I 
> don't like the idea of major corporations being able to coopt the term 
> open source as a marketing ploy. It is dangerous for the open source 
> community and takes us back to the reason why open source got started 
> in the first place.
> While I won't completely retract my statement in my article (I'll 
> change "will be" to "hopes to be"), I'd be interested in seeing if 
> anyone else agrees with my position or even sees the problem I'm 
> pointing out.


I think that you are wandering into a minefield that has no upside for 
you.  Let it go - JBoss claims that they have a certified J2EE 1.4 
implementation (we'll take their word for it...), and as the LGPL is 
considered an open source license by the OSI, that's that.  I 
personally think that the LGPL has problems, and violates #10 of the 
OSI requirements having to do w/ technology, but that's not JBoss' 

Anyway, if I were you, I wouldn't blemish your otherwise good work with 
this - it might distract from the real message of stability and 
usability of Geronimo.

I'd also drop the mention of the recent exchange about the "JBoss 
letter".  We've answered the questions and would like to see the issue 
put behind both communities, as I for one think that it's a net 
negative for open source in general.

Do what you think is best, but again, if I were you, I'd focus on the 
main message of how good and useful Geronimo is.  The "market", so to 
speak, will take care of the rest... :)

Nice job.


> Regards,
> Lajos
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