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Subject Building and debugging Geronimo with Eclipse
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2004 02:25:42 GMT
I am just starting to look at using the m:eclipse maven target, so I can 
hopefully easily build and debug Geronimo in Eclipse.

Is anyone using eclipse regularly for Geronimo development.  If so, would 
you be nice enough to give an overview of how you update, build and debug 
(e.g. do you do it all from eclipse, if not, why?).  Do you use the 
Subversion support in Eclipse e.g. to generate a patch or do you use the 
command line?

The section on using the m:eclipse maven target in has a script that 
excludes the CVS directories adds the xmlbeans generated code to the 
projects.  This could be a bit out of date because:

* The script doesn't also exclude the .svn directories (now we are using 
Subversion for Geronimo)
* Reading the Maven Eclipse plug-in documentation, section "Generated 
Source Code" it seems that if Geronimo placed its generated sources in 
target/generated-sources (mentions that this is how it will be done in 
Maven2) the plug-in will look there.  Anyone have any comments on this? 
See for details.



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