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From Seth Ladd <>
Subject Re: Strategies for Eliminating OOM Exceptions on Redeploys?
Date Sun, 14 Nov 2004 03:23:18 GMT
> Can you be more specific on the cglib problem you have seen?  We use
> cglib for proxies.

It's only a theory, really.  I've put together different .war files
that have different levels of size.  One for just nothing but a
web.xml all the way up to a full blown spring + hibernate application.
 Some of these .war files are known to leak memory on constant
redeploys for other servlet containers, while others seem to do just

> We do our best to release any handles to classes and class loaders, but
> it is the vm that must decide to garbage collect classes.  From what I
> have seen, this is a bigger problem on Java 5, because the current
> release does puts classes in a permeant store which is not (or rarely)
> collected.

Hmm... well, luckily I'm using 1.4.2. :)

I was running my tests on friday and left them running before I left
work.  Should be interesting to return Monday.


ps The tests merely deploy a .war file using the command line tool,
wait 1 second, request a single .jsp using wget, then undeploy. 

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