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From David Jencks <>
Subject Changes in ***-refs
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 06:56:12 GMT
I've recently committed fairly extensive changes to how ***-refs are 
resolved at deployment time in geronimo, per GERONIMO-371.  Some 
documentation is on the wiki at

Here's a brief recap:

1. If your resource-ref has the same name (in the spec descriptor) as 
the connection factory you are looking up, you can leave out the 
resource-ref element in your geronimo plan entirely.
2. In your geronimo plan, resource-link now works more or less like an 
ejb-link: you can supply a name or path#name and geronimo will try to 
match, first in the current application, then in non-application 
connector modules.
3. You can specify any subset of a jsr-77 name and geronimo will fill 
in the rest to match your current context.
4. You can specify the whole name yourself using target-name.

note that the roles of target-name and resource-link are more or less 
reversed from their previous and wrong meaning.

resource-env-refs work much the same way.

ejb-[local-]refs work similarly except ejb-links do not attempt to 
resolve outside the current application.  ejb-link can be used in your 
geronimo plan as well as the spec descriptor.  If you supply nothing in 
your geronimo plan, geronimo attempts to resolve the ejb ref by looking 
for a unique match on home and remote or localhome and local 

So far these changes seem to result in a dramatic reduction in the size 
of many plans.

many thanks,
david jencks

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