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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Basic EAR File deployment, Release M2 ?
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2004 15:09:05 GMT

On Aug 19, 2004, at 7:25 AM, Sai Arunachalam wrote:

> Hi,
>     I am now trying to port a basic EAR file from WebLogic 6.1 onto 
> Geronimo.
> The WAR in the original EAR file, has a weblogic.xml that has the
> following portion in it:
>   <reference-descriptor>
>     <ejb-reference-description>
>           <ejb-ref-name>ejb/greeter</ejb-ref-name>
>           <jndi-name>greeter</jndi-name>
>     </ejb-reference-description>
>   </reference-descriptor>
> I guess these properties should be appropriately conveyed to Geronimo
> using geronimo-jetty.xml.
> 1. Would <ejb-ref-name> correspond to <ejb-ref> in geronimo-jetty.xml?
> If yes, can somebody please explain as to what the following tags
> (which come under <ejb-ref>)  mean in geronimo?
> a. <server>
not yet implemented (at least not tested)
intended to let you talk to an ejb on another server using geronimo 
> b. <kernel-name>
intended to let you talk to an ejb in the same vm deployed in a 
different kernel (it is very unlikely you would run more than one 
kernel in a vm, but it's possible)
> c. <target-name>
this is the entire object name of the target ejb.  If you can set this 
up with dummy names and deploy the app, together with the debug 
console, you can then look in the debug console to find out the exact 
> d. <external-uri>
intended to let you talk to an ejb in a non-openejb container, using a 
different jndi system.

> 2. That apart what exactly are the following tags in 
> geronimo-jetty.xml ?
> a. <ejb-local-ref>
similar to ejb-ref but for local interfaces
> b. <resource-env-ref>
you'd be better off using message-destination-ref
> c. <message-destination-ref>
this is a mistake.  message-destination-refs are resolved entirely 
within the spec deployment descriptor.

In general, I'd advise using links, which do not require entries in the 
geronimo plan, rather than refs which do.
> 3. Is Geronimo M2 out yet? If yes, where can I get a binary of it?

I don't think it is released.  However, you might update from cvs and 
try out the new running/deployment instructions (see the wiki).

david jencks

> Thanks a lot,
> Sai

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