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From Sai Arunachalam <>
Subject petstore and cloudscape on geronimo
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 08:47:44 GMT
     I am having a problem in making cloudscape work. I think it's
rather my configuration with geronimo-ra.xml that is playing the
mischief. (Recap: I am trying to port the PetStore that was there on
WebLogic6.1 to Geronimo. WebLogic6.1 has it's own config.xml that has
a few tags and attributes that I have to communicate using the
geronimo-ra.xml). The scenario is as follows:

The weblogic petstore app has a number of ejbs with each one having a
weblogic-ejb-jar.xml like the following (this one corresponds to
openejb-jar.xml on Geronimo).
That is the case for a number of EJBs there.

Then there is a config.xml file that has the following properties:
<JDBCConnectionPool CapacityIncrement="1"
DriverName="COM.cloudscape.core.JDBCDriver" InitialCapacity="1"
MaxCapacity="1" Name="petstorepool" Properties="user=none;
password=none;server=none" Targets="petStoreServer"
<JDBCDataSource JNDIName="jdbc.SignOnDB" Name="SignOnDB"
PoolName="petStorePool" Targets="petStoreServer"/>
<Realm FileRealm="myFileRealm" Name="myRealm"/>
<JDBCDataSource JNDIName="jdbc.InventoryDB" Name="InventoryDB"
PoolName="petStorePool" Targets="petStoreServer"/>
<JDBCDataSource JNDIName="jdbc.EstoreDB" Name="EstoreDB"
PoolName="petStorePool" Targets="petStoreServer"/>

Now I wanted to make this app run with Cloudscape. So I did the following:
I took the cloudscape jars (cloudscape.jar, tools.jar, client.jar and
four more...)
I checked out the latest version of TranQL from, built it to get the rar
file. Opened the rar file, removed the axion jars, put the cloudscape
jars there. Then I made the following changes to

1. configId="org/tranql/connector/axion" ->
2. Then I changed the following:

3.  <config-property-setting

4. <config-property-setting

  [In some of the geronimo-ra.xml's that I saw, the attribute name
inside here was ConnectionURL instead of JdbcUrl. Does this matter?
Besides, how do I specify the other two DBs namely InventoryDB and
SignOnDB? Should I simply replicate the tags in the same fle or is
there a different way to do it? ]

Rest of the properties, I left as they were in geronimo-ra.xml.

Now I tried deploying this rar file on geronimo and it got deployed
without any errors. When I ran petstore this time alongwith the
configId of both the things (petstore and tranql rar), it gave me a
long error. So I put the rar file inside the petstore.ear file and
redployed it and ran it this time. This time I gave only petstore's
configId on starting the server. It got started and I saw the first
page (index.html that has a link saying "enter the store"). When I
tried going to the next page by pressing the link, it says "Unable to
connect to database. Connection not open. Make sure the connection is

I don't know where the error is... Just then I found the following
file in weblogic's petstore directory called estore_runtimeejb.xml
that has portions like the following for each of the ejbs..

 <rolemapping />



Does this have something to do with the problem?

There are two more things I wanna know related to this problem. When I
looked up the inside config-store for the already
deployed axion database, the configId is given as
org/apache/geronimo/DefaultDatabase whereas the geronimo-ra.xml gives
the configId as org/openejb/connector/axion. How is this?

And then, how exactly do I deploy a stand-alone geronimo-ra.xml?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Thanks and regards,

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