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From Sai Arunachalam <>
Subject Basic EAR File deployment, Release M2 ?
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2004 14:25:03 GMT
    I am now trying to port a basic EAR file from WebLogic 6.1 onto Geronimo. 

The WAR in the original EAR file, has a weblogic.xml that has the
following portion in it:

I guess these properties should be appropriately conveyed to Geronimo
using geronimo-jetty.xml.

1. Would <ejb-ref-name> correspond to <ejb-ref> in geronimo-jetty.xml?
If yes, can somebody please explain as to what the following tags
(which come under <ejb-ref>)  mean in geronimo?
a. <server>
b. <kernel-name>
c. <target-name>
d. <external-uri>

2. That apart what exactly are the following tags in geronimo-jetty.xml ?
a. <ejb-local-ref>
b. <resource-env-ref>
c. <message-destination-ref>

3. Is Geronimo M2 out yet? If yes, where can I get a binary of it? 

Thanks a lot,

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