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From Sai Arunachalam <>
Subject Is geronimo compatible with resource adapters deployed in weblogic
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2004 08:20:41 GMT
    I would be happy to know as to what would be the equivalents for
the following 4 tags that are part of weblogic-ra.xml  (weblogic
specific deployment descriptor for resource adapters).

weblogic has what is known as a principal map for security:

(provides a mechanism to define appropriate resource-principal values
for resuorce adapter and EIS authorization processing, based upon the
known WebLogic runtime initiating run time initiating-principal. This
map allows for hte specification of a defined set of initiaitng
principals and the corresponding resource principal's username and
password that should be used when allocating managed connections and
connection handles) This has subtags that are <map-entry>,
<initiating-principal> and <resource-principal>.

(identifies a configuration property name and value that corresponds
to an ra.xml config-entry element with the corresponding
config-property-name. At deployment time, all values present in a
map-config-property specification will be  set on the

Weblogic has the following tags that are extra as the parameters for
connection pooling:

(identifies the max number of additional managed connections which the
server attempts to obtain during resizing of the maintained connection

(indicates whether or not the connection pool should have unused
managed connection reclaimed as a means to control system resources)

two more related tags are <shrink-period-minutes> and

If anybody can tell me as to how I port a RA with a weblogic-ra.xml
that has the above tags, i.e. what tags should I add to geronimo to
get the same functionality, that'd be great....

Thanks in advance,

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