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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: ClassCastException when deloying petstore
Date Sat, 28 Aug 2004 10:45:36 GMT
On 27/08/2004 8:55 PM, Rajesh Ravindran wrote:

>So I put <env-entry-type> before <env-entry-value>. After doing this I
>was able to manage without the error while delploying. But now when I
>try to start the server for this application. It gives me an error
>saying that the order has to be different, i.e  <env-entry-type>
>should come after <env-entry-value>.
>Can u suggest how to get around this problem. If this is a bug, has it
>been repaired?
This bug has been fixed. Could you please give it another try with the 
very last version in CVS?

I assume that the problem was the following one: upon deployment, old DD 
are "updraded" to be compliant with their corresponding XSD file. During 
this process, <env-entry> children were not sorted and hence the 
deployment was failing. Now, if one sorts them in order to pass the 
deployment, the old DD is no more compliant with its DTD. As DTDs are 
verified only at runtime (this seems wrong), the server will not be able 
to start properly.


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