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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: JDBCDataSource in Geronimo
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 22:11:04 GMT
On 28/08/2004 4:42 AM, Sai Arunachalam wrote:

>     What do I do to bind a JNDI Name to a datasource in Geronimo? I
>have a couple of EJB modules that refer to the datasource using the
>resource reference descriptor. In weblogic 6.1 there is a separate
>file called config.xml alongwith each application that is deployed
>which has various tags like <JDBCConnectionPool> and <JDBCDataSource>.
>Now if the EJB refers to a datasource using the reference name (like
>jdbc/EstoreDataSource), how do I specify a DataSource and bind it to a
>JNDI Name in Geronimo?
Hi Sai,

To install a DataSource, you have two choices:
- Geronimo specific definition: you can define a stand-alone 
geronimo-ra.xml file describing your JDBC "capabilities" of your 
DataSource. Have a look to 
modules/assembly/src/plan/default-database-plan.xml for such an example; and
- Standard compliant: you can use the JDBC resource adapter implemented 
as part of the OpenEJB project. This is the mechanism that I am using as 
it is "portable" to some extent.

To map a <resource-ref> to this DataSource you need to define a 
corresponding <resource-ref> element in the Geronimo specific DD. In 
your specific case, the Geronimo specific <resource-ref> elements should 
have only two sub-elements, namely <ref-name> and <target-name>. 
<ref-name> is the name of the reference that you have declared in the 
ejb-jar.xml DD; <target-name> is usually the full JMX name of MBean to 
be bound to this reference. I say "usually" as in the case of a 
resource, you only need to specify the name of the 
<connectiondefinition-instance> define in geronimo-ra.xml of step one.

For instance, if you have this in your ejb-jar.xml:


then, you should declare this in your openejb-jar.xml:

                <target-name><connectiondefinition-instance> defined in 

FYI, I have been able to install petstore.1.1.2, yet I have discovered a 
couple of problems. I can pass the installation of the schema required 
to support petstore, so I can see the front-page of petstore. Yet I can 
not sign-in: a <env-entry> defining a DAO (I do not remenber which one) 
is not defined in web.xml. Moreover, at least one <ejb-ref> is missing 
in web.xml. As an aside, errorpage.jsp does not compile. Based on the 
fact, that I spent a significant time to understand this latter (missing 
import directive) due to the fact that I was updating an errorpage.jsp 
in the wrong folder of the config-store, I have decided to upgrade to 
petstore 1.3.1_02.

AFAIK, the issue with this guy is that OpenEJB will not support the CMR. 
Having said that, based on the fact that we only have OTO relations, I 
think that I could "hack" something.


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