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From Rajesh Ravindran <>
Subject Re: ClassCastException when deloying petstore
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2004 11:42:20 GMT
Hi Jacek,

Thanks for replying. 

In my attempts at trying to deploy the petstore application, i first
created the geronimo-jetty.xml in the war & corresponding
openejb-jar.xml's in their jars. Put it all in petstore.ear. Initially
i was getting some deployment exceptions, which i solved by adding
some missing classes to the required jars. That is when i encountered
this exception.

So to debug it, i got the openejb code from the CVS repository & built
it. Now i want to know how i can integrate my changes in openejb to
geronimo. As of now I am having a little trouble with the deploy
command of openejb. So I have to work around that.

Well this does not necessarily mean that I am way ahead of u, maybe i
am on a totally different and wrong way :). So please help me get on


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