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From toby cabot <>
Subject Re: Geronimo JNDI properties
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2004 00:24:57 GMT
On Wed, Aug 18, 2004 at 11:40:43PM +0530, Sai Arunachalam wrote:
> Exception in thread "main" javax.naming.NoInitialContextException:
> Cannot instantiate class:
> org.openejb.client.RemoteInitialContextFactory [Root exception is
> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
> org.openejb.client.RemoteInitialContextFactory]

That's progress.  It looks as if the properties are OK but now you
don't have all of the jars that you need on the classpath.  Here's a
fragment that I use:

java -classpath lib/geronimo/geronimo-security-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:lib/openejb/openejb-core-2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:lib/openejb/cglib-full-2.0.jar:lib/sun/j2ee.jar

You might not need Sun's j2ee jar, I might have that left over from
some other stuff I was doing.  RemoteInitialContextFactory is in
openejb-core-2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar, and I'm pretty sure that you need cglib
as well.  You can experiment and figure out what works for you.  Hint:
if you get a ClassNotFoundException then you need to start running
"jar tv" on the jars that you've got to see which one has the class
that you're looking for.  Put that one on the classpath and try again.

You're almost there.

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